The display on my unit quit working after only a few days of operation. Home Appliance Repair is the allocated warranty repair for this area code. First they would not honor the warranty. After a number of calls to Danby, the repairman came and took it to the shop even though the warranty says IN HOME SERVICE. He said that I would have it back in 2 to 5 days. That was 17 days ago. I called them last Tuesday. No answer so I left a message. To this date, they have not called back. I wrote to Danby and here I wait.

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Kitchen renovation was to take 3 weeks but did not get finished for 3 months. Some cabinets did not arrive, some were the wrong size and some were damaged. Countertop does not fit and was installed improperly damaging the cabinets. Floor is uneven with no grout along the wall.Got credit for only 20% of the returns and it took 3 months after many calls. Flooring estimate was short by 40%. Bruce Hardwood floor had to be replaced 10 months later due to defective product. Many staff changes with no continuity.

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