I'm very unhappy with the quality of the Topdressing Soil which, to be fair, Greely S & G says "isn't guaranteed weed free". You can say that again. We topdressed our backyard with about 4 of the 6 yards delivered and the balance went to a bit in the front and some to the neighbours. We all have a crabgrass and weed infestation like we've never seen before. I've found 2 kinds of crabgrass and about 3 other kinds of weeds which crowd out any grass. After hand pulling most of the weeds, my backyard is more dirt than it is lawn. That's not an exaggeration. So now I have to wait until fall to plant seed and locate some good, composted soil. Never, ever, ever again. I don't understand how this company is on the Homestars list with all the negative reviews.

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Company Response

Our Topdressing Soil is certified organic, which means we are not allowed to spray chemicals to eradicate the weed seeds. Furthermore, this has been extremely dry and hot season. Growth of grass seed slows during the sweltering heat of summer; however, some weeds make the most of this heat and sun because they have a different type of respiration, and function better when temperatures are between 85 to 117 degrees. Some of these warm-season weeds are Bermuda grass, crabgrass, foxtail, goosegrass, purslane and prostrate spurge. We understand your complaint, but we can not control Mother Nature.


I had made a purchase of an Induction range through an online bidding service and had a one hour window in which to claim it and I couldn't move it myself. In advance of knowing the results of my bidding, I had (I thought) organized a very reasonably priced move with a small local mover but when I needed to confirm the move, this other company didn't return my calls for several hours and were then unapologetic.Top Notch stepped in and gave me a reasonable price for a move that involved 90 minutes of driving. They said they could make my one hour pick up window and were there about 10 minutes before it started. They protected the floors at both ends of the move and wrapped and carried my range with the full care I expected. They looked and behaved professionally. We have a small driveway so they parked on the street in a way that still permitted traffic flow and the move cost came in a little under the estimate. BONUS! I would definitely recommend Marc and his team at Top Notich.

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