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CrazyDeeDee in Barrie
CrazyDeeDee in Barrie
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Tile around 6' x 3' drop in tub

We paid Filip $1,055 for his time and mortar (approx. $35). He refunded us $400. This doesn’t include other materials purchased ie. tile, grout, etc.

We “showed and told” Filip about the deficiencies after paying him. Wish I hadn’t paid him.

He offered to fix what he could, but I couldn’t see the point. He asked us if we wanted to have him to tear it out and do over again.

He refunded us $400 which left us in the hole for approximately $1,300. Then we had to pay someone else to tear it out and redo it, plus materials which were much more as additional tile was needed to make it work the way it should.

Here's the list of deficiencies and some pictures to illustrate.

The first picture looks really nice, then it goes downhill.

1. Meal edging spaced too far away from edge of wall. Response: that’s what contractor said to do. Wrong, only the half wall was to be kept an half inch away to allow for drywall installation.
2. Chipped tile and tile set too high above flooring. Response: Aren’t you putting in new flooring. Yes, but it’s the same as what’s there, just a different colour.
3. Extra thick line of grout at top of shared wall.
4. 1” high tiles narrow to ½” where tile meets ceiling leaving the wood wall behind visible.
5. Grout smeared along ceiling following top edge of tile.
6. Pyramids of grout in many corners as well as niches.
7. Metal edging cut raggedly around niches.
8. Metal edging butt joints don’t actually butt.
9. Porcelain tile chipping prevalent. Response: You always have chipping with porcelain, impossible. Get a diamond blade and a wet saw and that’ll eliminate problem.
10. Wasn’t able to utilize tiles in a way that factory edges landed at metal edging.
11. Didn’t sand or grout so cut edges of textured tile aren’t sharp.
12. Marble bottom of niches was supposed to wrap around the tile wall. Response: We never to do that. A well know tile company has a wonderful display of this.
13. Marble ledges aren’t same depth. (fuzzy pic).
14. Marble top for half wall wasn’t cut to mimic edge of wall and wasn’t sanded or polished to chamfer the edges so you wouldn’t cut your had were you to slip and grab.
15. Tile lines not level. Distinct upswing on niche as well as perfect collection point for water in niche as not angled to force water back into tub.
16. Tile abutting top of half wall has huge chip filled in with grout. Grout sunk into hole.
17. Tub filler faucet set (Grohe) not protected from grout/mortar. GC had to use a plastic knife to clean.
18. Left a terrible mess in tub, as well as a pile of unused cut tile left in bathroom. These were left on top of smaller 4 x 20 tiles to be used around vanity. GC didn’t know they were there so we had to hunt through the garbage for them.
19. The 4 x 20 Griege colour tiles were used by Filip but were meant to be used around vanity. He never mentioned that he’d used these which are way more expensive to replace than the 8 x 20 tiles used in the rest of the project.
20. The vertical tiles don’t have the same or a consistent amount (or even enough to notice) of grout compared to the rest of the tiles.
21. Left a fine almost powder like layer on the deck of either grout or mortar (not sure which or a combination). Response: I swept it. Our GC came the day after Filip “completed” the job and power washed the deck, chairs, snowblower, deck storage,etc., but didn’t erase the damage done to the deck, et al.
22. Didn’t caulk with silicone along metal edging, niches, tile/tub edges, etc.
23. Lastly, we didn’t know this until we tore it all apart, that he didn’t apply grout to the waterproof membrane, then butter the back. He put two or three globs of mortar on back of tile and pushed against the wall. There was no mortar on the wall after the tiles were pulled off. Didn’t have to replace waterproof membrane either as it didn’t get damaged with demo. That’s just crazy. We figure the tiles would have started falling off within the year.

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