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Tree removal

I hired Marcus to remove a tree and its roots from my mom's front yard. I sent him a picture of the tree and her yard, he provided me with a quote and we decided to proceed. He showed up with one other guy. He advised me that they would use the bobcat to push the tree out of the ground which would require us to replace our grass?! Naturally, he provided me with a quote to fix my lawn and lay down new sod, etc., to which I declined. Within minutes, he pushed the tree over the sidewalk onto the street. Over the next few hours, the other guy worked on cutting up the tree on the street while Marcus sat in his bobcat and filmed videos for his website. By the time they were done, they had left a huge mess in the street, on the driveway and of course of her front yard. The positives: he showed up; and they removed the tree. The negatives: he charged us to remove the tree, the roots and another tree, but BURIED the roots of the tree on purpose; left a mess of the yard, which requires us to spend another $1000 (my mom is a senior citizen with limited monthly income) to have the roots that we paid him to remove, clean up the mess and destroyed grass, and lay down new sod; he sat in his bobcat the entire time when it probably would have made more sense to get out and help cut the tree or clean the mess he made; he demanded cash, which he stated included GST, yet refused to provide a receipt with a GST number. A few days after paying him, I stopped by to clean up the yard and that's when I noticed the huge roots that he had buried. When I called him out on the buried roots, he confidently explained that the roots will die on their own without the tree?! Maybe he can explain why the roots sprouted over the winter. ZERO stars for his integrity.

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