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We found Errol online by looking up well water specialist in my area and we are so thankful we found his company Hills and Valley water systems. I want to provide some background first: We purchased our home 3 years ago and even after doing the required water tests for well water prior to purchasing our home we didn't realize that even though the water is potable it still wasn't good to drink or cook with until we moved in. After time went by and having other water companies in we realized our water was bad, really bad and no one could provide us with a full fix. The color of the water is yellow, with a slight smell - more of an iron smell than sulfur and we always had to worn people that our water color was yellow and not to drink it as it was quite salty and to which we couldn't cook with it either. Over time we got frustrated as clothes were starting to get ruined with orange stains that I couldn't get out because we couldn't use any bleach products or oxiclean ect. in the wash or even to clean our washrooms as it would stain everything.

Errol came and did multiple water tests explaining everything in detail as he was doing it and we found out we have whats called Brackish water - caused by our well's fresh water mixing with the sea water that once was our land years and years ago and the water is high in tannin. This is what was causing the yellow water and why it was not only ruining our fixtures it was corroding the faucets and clogging the faucet screens with orange sludge over time with build up behind the screens of the faucets affecting the water pressure as well. Errol needed to install a water softener, Sulphur/Iron remover, Tannin remover, RO system (reverse osmosis) with ultraviolet disinfection and a 300 gallon holding tank. We were quite shocked at not only what was required to fix our water but the cost to fix it totally shocked us! However Errol explained that because our water was that bad it wouldn't be fixed with a residential system as we needed a Commercial grade system to be able to handle the on demand water usage as it takes time to remove tannin and and the go through the RO system we wouldn't get enough water. After much deliberation we decided we needed to fix our water we had no choice we just had to, so we went ahead with it. One month later we are so very happy we did and have no regrets at all, we have crystal clear water, we can use it to cook, and it isn't just drinkable it is better than bottle water! Doing laundry now isn't scary, things come out so clean, and whites are actually white, and no more stains!
Thank you Errol for fixing our water and being the expert that you are in your field! we are so thankful

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Your very welcome! It's our pleasure to help you with your complex water issues. Enjoy your crystal clear water!!!