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Bathroom renovation nightmare

AGM Renovations is a company I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.

I wanted to renovate the two 8×6 foot bathrooms in my condo, and now completely regret the idea as well as ever hearing of never mind hiring AGM Renovations. Upon signing their contract, I discovered much to my surprise that I hadn't actually hired anybody. AGM doesn't appear to have anyone on staff who does actual reno work. Nor do they seem to be involved (or really want to be involved) in anything other than extracting permission to automatically withdraw installment payments from my account and placing the order for materials.  The materials, by the way, were picked up from the supplier by one of their renovating contractors. Strange that there would be >300% markup on the retail price of materials that were never touched. I had anticipated a mark-up, but this was ridiculous.

I was then assigned a designer/quality control individual with whom to work. She didn't appear to know too much and what little she did attempt was pointless. I guess, however, it would be hard to do quality control or anything else of that nature when you are rarely at-site or even in the same country (according to one of the renovators that AGM contracted to).

AGM also breached the terms of the contract that stipulated all plumbing would be done by a licensed plumber. Their first renovator installed a shower drain and, that very night after he was finished, that same shower drain backed-up and flooded the bathroom, closet, bedroom and hallway. It damaged my condo as well as the building's common hallway AND another unit. I needed his license number for the insurance paperwork, but didn't get anything because the man wasn't a licensed plumber. The lack of a plumber's license also meant that the condo building's insurance wasn't required to cover any of the damage.

In all, there were three different contractors AGM sent to my condo and each was successively incapable and more inept than the previous. I have included pictures of the "handiwork" of these so-called renovating professionals for which AGM deigned to charge me a bargain price of $80,000. $80k for a problematic reno with only tile, a tub with shower doors, a stand-up shower and a vanity. (Please note that toilets were not included I had to pay for those separately.)

It has been four months since AGM definitively signed-off on these renovations. Since then, I have had to pay additional monies to correct the problems caused by AGM and their contractors. The "fresh" paint started peeling so I have had to have both bathrooms repainted in addition to being required to replace the lighting and plan to replace one vanity (see photos).

Not only do I feel like I have been ripped off 100% by AGM Renovations, I would sooner play pin-the-tail on a rabid skunk than ever recommend this company. To anyone.

Lastly, I would caution people to be leery of accepting any endorsement from Mike Holmes or from any company or social media channel associated with Mike Holmes. AGM Renovations was (and apparently still is) a recommended renovation company on Mr. Holmes website. It was this endorsement that originally convinced me to contact AGM. I now have to question whether any due diligence was done in evaluating this company especially after the non-responsive, sheer incompetence and the it-was-not-made-right that I was subjected to by AGM and their renovating contractors .

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Company Response

Hi Allan, we truly value our clients and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations with outstanding results. Our team is actively looking into this situation to understand all the details and find the best solution. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our team is committed to resolving this matter and finding a solution. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we investigate this further – AGM Renovations