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ben from Toronto
ben from Toronto
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Recently my husband and I were faced with not only the sad news that his sister had died sooner than expected, but also the fact that she had been a hoarder for the 25 years she had lived a in a nice house in a very good area of Toronto. In our quest to find a will or any other important papers family members search through bags upon bags containing food, unopened purchases, garbage and more plastic bags and this was only the main floor. We soon realized we were totally overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the job required to clean up/out this house and needed to call in professionals.

It was our good fortune to discover Sebastian and his Toronto's Junk Removal team on the internet. I can not say enough good things about this wonderful family business including owner Sebastian, dad Lito, and brother in law Milan. These men were hard workers. They arrived on time with a very large truck and a system of loading garbage pails which were dumped into the truck and then immediately refilled and taken to the truck. One person filled garbage pails, one person carried to the front door and the third person filled the truck. It was a very efficient system.These man are all friendly, courteous, hard working and presented in a very professional manner. They treated the job with dignity and respect. They were working in deplorable conditions and never once did they comment on the situation or make any derogatory comments. They ensured all mail was brought to our attention and if they discovered anything that might be of value they gave it to us for us to make the decision to save or discard. Even though the circumstances were less than ideal these men made the experience as positive as possible. We would highly recommend Sebastian and his Toronto's Junk Removal team.
Marilyn and Jim Benn
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