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Mark G in Calgary
Mark G in Calgary
2 reviews Calgary, AB

Basement/Bathroom Finishing

The Pine Nuts Woodworking And Renovations Ltd.

We had asked several reno companies in to quote on completing our basement/bathroom project and Colin's price was very competitive. Not the lowest but not the highest either.

Once we had a sit down to discuss scope, cost controls, and what we were looking for, Colin came up with a detailed construction plan and laid out a structured invoicing template with firm construction benchmarks that would be completed prior to each instalment being paid.

The project stayed exactly on budget. The only time it went over was when we elected to add in some new things or make changes. There were no "surprises" at all which we really appreciated. At any point where we were contemplating changes, Colin would always give us options and not do anything until we expressly knew what the changes would cost and approved them. We had had a bad experience in the past with a contractor showing up with inflated bills so we were a bit gun shy. Not this time. It really couldn't have worked out any better.

As for the quality, things were really well done - especially the cabinets and woodworking. High quality, solid construction, and it will last a lifetime. We also had a fairly intricate shower/steam bathroom build in with floor to ceiling tile which really turned out well.

The construction timeline slipped a little bit due to our own delay in picking a few items, and there were a few days where we didn't see anyone on the job but it was well within the times we were expecting.

Overall, I would definitely recommend "The Pine Nuts" to anyone looking to do some work in/around your house. Colin and his team are very laid back, easy to work with, and we will be going back to them for our next phase down the road.

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