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J. Wesley from Port Moody
J. Wesley from Port Moody
1 review Port Moody, BC

Drywall patch, taping, mudding

While working on our kitchen renovation, a member of their crew unplugged our fridge and ruined $450 worth of halibut and coho. Kevin expressed no sympathy, or apology and we are now left with a partly finished job and over $600 in spoiled food due to the fridge unplugged for two days before we discovered it. Before this happened were told "no problem" that the crew can work around the fridge, and now after the fact we are being blamed that it was there in the first place. We have experienced this company as unprofessional and would not recommend them.

On top of that, we were promised a crew of three and they'd be done in two days. The reality was two workers, starting a day late, and had they not walked away from the job, would've taken twice as long as promised. Kevin arrived two hours late to discuss the issue and clearly had no intention of resolving their mistake. Hiring this company has cost us money.

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Hello potential customers. I had to post the truth. This customer is a scammer and did not pay us a cent. He refused to give a deposit and got $1400 worth of free work. I could have put a lien on his house and in retrospect I should have after reading his lies. The BBB did an investigation and raised our rating to an A plus the highest rating as they realized we had several testimonials of a positive truthful nature.

This client wanted free work and knows the system and strung us along promising to pay. I repeatedly asked for a deposit he made an excuse every time. The client refused to clean the clutter and tools and contents in the work area to worksafe regulations after I repeatedly asked him to. Him and his wife were rude to our workers and claimed they were drinking. when they weren't. We have never had this happen and I called him out on this and he apologized. profusely. After this accusation My guys refused to work on his house because of their rude and abusive treatment. Another lie was the dust. We were yet to sand and use the state of the art machine. All dust created was from his gyprock installers and electrician making patches over the weekend. I did a personal examination. I also give a window when I schedule returning and he claimed I was late. I told him I start when my other job was finished as he was next on the list. When I get to your job I don't go to another. You get your block of time and we are there every day till we finish. People love that. He was clearly informed of the process.
We have had over 1200 clients and not ONE problem. We have honored any warranty work and have an impeccable reputation thus the A plus rating at the BBB. We also offered to work the weekend for this client but he had a hockey tournament for his son even though his wife would be there. He was dishonest and did not pay a deposit so I don't know how we cost him money. In life there are professional scammers and I had the misfortune to work for one but I got smart real quick and walked. We have hundreds of testimonials on several websites and they are ALL legitimate. Any client who knows us knows this is not true. Thanks Kevin

Also I noticed he took a picture of mud on a protected carpet. All we do is pull it off and nothing under it. Super clean. Funny how many positive reviews of our dust free system and people love the way we clean after. We have hundred of reviews and not one complaint on this so that tells you something. Nightmare clients. Other drywall company walked also.