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Mike Chappell from Brampton
Mike Chappell from Brampton
3 reviews Brampton, ON

Furnace rep;air

The first technician cleaned my furnace, said nothing was wrong with my furnace fan, although I complained specifically that it wasn't working properly. 2 Weeks later the furnace fan stopped on the coldest night of the year, The same technician returned and after fumbling around told me the fan motor was burned out and he would send another technician (the owner) to repair at the cost of $800 cash. I declined because the fan motor was listed at $150.00 on the internet, and then the first technician fumbled around telling me that they would now do it for $400.00 cash. I said okay as the house was by then at 12 degrees Celsius , so we sat in the cold until the next evening when the second technician showed. He at least knew something about furnace repair and told me, it wasn't the motor, but the circuit board, but he didn't have that and would have to return the next day. Temperatures were minus 20 on those days the house was now at about 8 degrees Celsius , my wife and I who are seniors sat in the cold for another day, and he returned, put in a "universal board" instead of an OEM board now wanted $700.00 cash until I showed him an OEM board was listed at $215 on the internet, and he dropped the price to $500.00 cash. The repaired furnace worked for a month and quit again. I can't recommend this company as they are not paying taxes, using incompetent service techs and obviously jack the prices for people who are desperate. I doubt the first tech even was a licensed repairman based on what he knew about furnaces, he couldn't even operate my thermostat without me showing him. It is companies like these that give the service industry a bad reputation, and I will never use them again for any reason.
*postscript **** The repair of their work was carried out by a competent and professional company, and I have no complaints about their competitors work or price

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