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Wayne from Richmond Hill
Wayne from Richmond Hill
8 reviews Richmond Hill, ON

Squirrel/ Mice Removal

I posted review 1 year ago, giving them great review. I thought the issue was resolved, but unfortunately, it wasn't.

Problem started 2 years ago when squirrel gnawed the ventilation cap and entered from the top, the pesky critter also found opening through small gap underneath living room extension ( House builder added extra living space by extending floor out from the foundation 6' inch off the ground, the underlying section became entry point for critters)

Pestokill did a really nice job sealing off vent cover, but did not fully seal off all the gaps at the bottom of the elevated extension . This year the critter returned from the bottom side again.

Pestokill added one way door at a small opening that they left behind a year ago, but for whatever reason the critter did not come out. The critter eventually died inside the walls and my wife and I had to deal with foul odours followed by flies in the weeks to come.

Overall, staff is very friendly, I like the people I dealt with. Unfortunately, at the end of day, problem just wasn't resolved right.

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Company Response

Dear sir,
Thank you for your critical criticism, it's what helps us improve. We were initially called in 2015 to take care of a mice issue, the home was treated for mice. A few days later we were called back and discovered that it was a squirrel who had chewed the plastic vent. The issue was taken care of via one way door followed by screening the vent to prevent future entry. A couple weeks later, the squirrel made its way back by chewing through the underside of the bay door. Again the problem was resolved and the area was screened to prevent future entry. The wild life work was done at no additional cost. Last year we received a call about the squirrel making its way back in. We installed a one way door. The home owners continued to hear sounds for which reason we moved the one way door to a different location. The homeowner than called and said it was a mouse and we again treated the area from where the sounds were coming from for mice. After discussing with our staff we have figured out it was most likely a rat as the home owner had stated they saw a rat and furthermore we have never had a case where a squirrel wouldn't leave through a one way door. We also did what we could for the odor. The home owner was never billed for anything besides the initial treatment for mice. When a client calls about a certain pest or wild life issue we take it that they know what it is unless they say they aren't sure which is when we investigate ourselves. We made the mistake of believing the homeowners opinion that it was a squirrel. From this we have learned