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Vasyl from Mississ Auga
Vasyl from Mississ Auga
2 reviews Toronto, ON


Attention! All people who need a plaster man. From personal experience I suggest not hiring Ryan, due to the fact that he took the money without completely finishing the job. He no longer picks up the phone or replies to his emails. Try to avoid hiring him.

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Company Response

Job cost $2100 all materials supplied by RP Drywall Taping. Scope of work - Fix uneven joints,cracks and do a wall-to- wall skim making all walls prime ready.
Will be posting photos ..
Job estimated to take 4 days, was in there for 8 days .
As Indicated before the start, due to age of the house, and the fact that it was painted multiple times, and that its a full wall - to - wall skim that there is a chance that a few spots would bubble after primer is applied .
It was agreed that there would be a visit after priming was done to do the touch ups

At that point in time the amount of 1800 was recieved and 300 held back for the touch ups and what ever the client was unhappy with, if at all .
So the job was finished as per regular standards.
Everything was coated wall to wall,even an un-level wall that was coated about 5 or 6 time to meet the satisfaction of the client. Everything was sanded with a light and even touched up with tinted color plaster that the client suggested, so he can see where to sand as he claimed he might have to do the initial sand before his painter starts painting.
Most times that up to the level of finish we do for all of our clients.
The coming back was voluntary, as per the nature of old houses and the fact that sometimes it bubbles after the primer is applied and we have no control over that.

Waited a few days for client to prime even made contact to find out if and when its gonna be done,
After it was primed client did call we made arrangements but unfortunately the job i was doing took longer than txpected and we could no show up and we indicated that to the client.
We knew he have a dead line and wants to get stuff done but at the same time we have obligation to the jobs we are on and just cant leave like that, its not professional,ideally it would be done on a schedule just like any other job.

Hope this give viewers an idea of sometimes when companies get a bad review that sometimes all the facts is not stated .
And not every job goes as smoothly
Still looking forward to making a schedule appointment with this client.