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Isa from New Westminster
Isa from New Westminster
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Paint and drywall

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Jasen did a very average paint job at my place. His quote stated "prep and paint", but in reality that included no prep or very little. I had to remove the light switch plates out for him (and I reinstalled them after) since he flat out refused to remove them when I asked. As soon as he "finished" (he did not finish), he ran out the door, leaving me to reinstall the blinds, as well as leaving a section that was simply not consistent with a professional result, with apparent brush strokes and the previous color still visible through the paint. When I tactfully asked him to protect the surface noting paint splashes on the countertop and on the cupboard doors, he grew dismissive and arrogant and I had to assertively insist that he use a dropsheet. It was overall stressful dealing with him. Of note though, he has an excellent contact who does drywall for him, the guy is named Nick with a Ukrainian last name. Nick is a perfectionist and very pleasant to deal with. When Jasen came to my house to assess the work, I was left with the impression that he was able to do drywall. He is not. Do not let him touch the drywall. Jasen subcontracts drywall and I'm glad he does. It's unfortunate that I couldn't call Nick directly though and I would have preferred to be made aware that the drywall had been subcontracted rather than have a new guy show up that I wasn't expecting. Nick turned out to be a good guy, but I would have preferred to know that he was coming so that it's clear who does what and not a surprise.
To sum up, Jasen seems to have good reviews as a handyman, but I woulnd't recommend him for paint and drywall. He also came across as having an attitude as I asked for normal standards (removing light switch plates, protecting countertop, pointing an area that had been forgotten) and these comments were met with dismissiveness and arrogance. I feel like hiring him to do the job was more stressful than if I had done it myself, plus I was still left with the trouble of taking the blinds up and down the stairs and reinstall them, which is a hassle.

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I'm a sorry to hear your upset. I indicated that I would return to replace the blinds and touch up the other area you wanted touched up. I had a dr appointment to get to. As for Nick he is an employee that works part time not a sub contractor and I indicated that one of my staff will do the taping.