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Entire Kitchen renovations

Ceolin Brothers Home Improvements

These brothers and their works are exceptional!
They have accomplished:
Demolishing of an Entire kitchen [1 week]
- Ceiling
- Walls
- Floors
Ceiling: They took out our California [or drop] ceiling, and turned it into a nice high ceiling.

Walls: They tore down walls, and built them up. With dry wall, they added support.

Floors: they took up two layers of tiled flooring; they added a whole new sub-floor down ensuring that there is plenty of support.

They took out all of our counters, appliances, and closets.

In a timely and well organized manner. They were able to accomplish this while steadfastly keeping a safe environment for our many animals [as well as ourselves].

They are social, yet they know not to impose upon you. They try their hardest to help with anything and everything you need done.

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