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Worst service ever

This is the worst service I’ve had in my life.
Bill, the owner is very rude , unprofessional and has no customer service skills. We had a move in booked with them. All they had to do is unload a truck. When we opened the truck, all the furniture had shifted so it tipped over. Just to make it clear, Bill and his crew of 3 younger guys did not pack the truck. Instead of making a bad situation better, he made it worse. He kept complaining about how badly the truck was packed, lots of foal language and he wouldn’t let up. Even his crew was telling him to chill. Clearly, Bill was Uber-frustrated, but instead of trying to diffuse the situation he made it much worse. At one point my adult son and I could see (from the bedroom window) how Bill was actually THROWING my boxes out of the truck, and RIPPING the furniture out of the truck because it was all jammed in with the toppled shelving units. I went outside (I could still hear the owner cursing), and told him I’d appreciate less negativity. His reply: I DON’T NEED THIS!! I DON’T NEED THIS!! I’M LEAVING. And with that he actually drove off, leaving me with the 3 younger guys. It was probably a good thing he left, as the pace picked up and mood was much better. There was a lot of damage, some of it due to the owner tossing my stuff of the truck.

I Do Not recommend using this company.

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