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Hot water heater replace

Mothers day two years ago my wife got up to get in the shower as we were headed to spend the day with her Grandmother, we had no water pressure, for some reason she opened the door to our basement and heard spraying running water. I went to check it out and water was coming out of the top of the tank.

Now remember this is a Sunday and Mothers Day on top of that, went throught the Yellow Pages and called a number of plumbers over a few hours, some that said 24 hour emergency service refused to help as this was mothers day, twelve calls later, and 8 messages left, the first person to call me back was Matt Lebow. Well we talked he did not have a Hot Water heater in stock, but said that if I picked one up at Home Depot / Lowes he would come right over and hook it up.

So off to Home Depot my Wife and I went bought it loaded in to the truck and headed home on the way called him and with in ten minutes of us arriving home he was there and after a few hours he had the old one out and the new one hooked and and flowing nice hotwater. There was even a need for him to use some additional copper from his truck at no additional charge. He charges by the JOB not HOUR.

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