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Not the executive service I was expecting.

Executive Touch Painters Toronto
75 Arthur Griffith Dr.
M3L 2J9

I called Executive Touch and they came for a quote on the date that was arranged. I had requested 4 quotes for the same work and this was the highest amount.

I was quoted $4,000 to paint 1 bedroom plus den (700 square feet), I chose Executive Touch because I was expecting them to complete the painting and the small repairs that I was asking him to do. Instead of hiring a painter to do the painting and a 2nd contractor to complete some of the other small items, I trusted Executive Touch to do both painting and renovation work.

Work started on Dec 19 and they were complete by Dec 23 (5 days) as promised.

The finished painting work looked amazing but there were some issues that made me lose trust in Massimo.

1. Problem: The sink plunger did not work.
I asked Massimo to look into why it didn't work, he asked me to go and buy a plunger set. I was expecting the contractor to go and buy the parts that are necessary to fix the problem. I went to Loew's myself and paid $50 for the plunger set and materials. Then he says that he can't change the set on Dec 23 and that I would need to pay a plumber to do this work and pay this additional cost on my own. I was informed of this on Fri Dec 23 the day that I'm trying to move into the unit. He still demanded full payment when there was outstanding work to be completed. I said that I would not provide full payment until the work is completed. He even asked "Do you trust me?" of course I said "Yes" but in reality it was a no! How can I can trust you when you don't complete the work you say you're going to do? If he said he would give a discount of $250 then fine I'll get a plumber on my own. I paid for the material AND I need to pay for a plumber to come?! Due to the Christmas holiday it was 4 days later that a plumber came to install the plunger.

2. Problem: Four holes in the floor tiling between kitchen and hallway.
I asked Massimo to look into fixing this. He says to go to Home Depot and buy a 2 inch metal transition piece. I am not a contractor so how would I know the exact material to buy? I spent 1 hour waiting and talking to the people at Home Depot to buy a piece that I think will work. I leave the 2 inch plate in the condo, he then says that I bought the wrong piece and to go and buy one that is angled since the floor is uneven. I was furious, you tell me to buy something then you say it's the wrong piece! You are the contractor, you should get the proper materials to complete the work. Then he says that he can use this transition piece. The finished product looked great, next time the contractor should go to get the proper materials to complete the work.

3. Problem: Damage along the stucco ceiling due to a previous wall.
I asked Massimo to look into a solution, this wasn't listed in our contract. He suggested I purchase popcorn spray from Home Depot. I went to Home Depot and purchased the spray. He tested it, and says that it won't work. I made another trip back to Home Depot to return this spray. His partner Wallace says the he can hand-paint a solution. Wallace tells me on the last day that he doesn't have a solution to this problem. Wallace says to go and buy another type of popcorn spray. As a contractor, you should be able to either follow through with the solution you suggested (popcorn spray) or a hand-painted solution. Why did you agree that you could provide a solution to this problem and then not follow through?

4. Problem: Shower rod damaged during painting.
Massimo stated for me to go and buy a new shower rod from Home Depot. When a contractor damages something, you should replace it right? After I stated I insist that he would need to replace the damage rod, he then agreed to go to and buy the rod at his expense.
He didn't offer any compensation for the time and inconvenience of replacing something that he damaged. Offering either money as compensation, or agreeing to replace the rod would have been the best solution.

I pay a contractor and expect them to get the supplies and complete the work. Not for me to make multiple trips to try and source the right materials.

I would not use Executive Touch again due to their high-cost and their inability to complete the work as promised. I have photos and documentation to verify all of this if anybody wants to contact me.

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Company Response

Hello Albert Ho!
Words from your own mouth, we want to work with your company because you more detailed your quote. We weren't to confident with the others we've called. I thank you for your kind words, Let me start off buy saying I am very pleased that you are amazed of our finished painting product. WOW one day was charging you $3,000 to paint your place in one day with EIGHT people that would of been a mess. The troubles all started on the first day we showed up & there was a list of things you wanted us to do. This was not our original contract.
The list of things were left on your kitchen counter top on a piece of paper. 1- Install
two towel bars, that you brought. 2- Install three shower ceramic corner shelves, that you brought. 3- Install closet steel wire shelves, that you brought. 4- Install sink plunger set, that you brought. 5- Install transition strip that you brought. Why are you complaining now that you bought everything that was the deal. For your shower rod, I asked for to go purchase the rod so you can choose the one you like & I will give you the money for it. For your issue with the stucco ceiling, the first time we meet, the two ways of correcting this problem was to remove the stucco & plaster smooth or respray the whole ceiling again with stucco. You agreed that it would be to expensive & to leave it alone that you will deal with it later.
Why are you bring the stucco issue again up with my employees.
About your sink issue, we left it off that if it was an easy fix, I would fix it. If not I would call my plumber at your expense. The second last day of the job you added to remove the dining room light fixture, because the last owner did not want to pay for an electrician to remove it because it would be to expensive.
You still haven't payed me for that, that's ok we all want something for free.
Remember Albert Ho, I now I healed my end of the deal very well. As you only gave $250 dollars more for all of your list of extra's. In life you can't please everyone, but in this case we sure did!