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Belvedere Home Improvements Ltd
41 Research Rd
M4G 2G8

The project involved stripping and replacing shingles from the roof of a 15 year-old addition and the original house.

The project was a disaster.

The crew used overweight hammers and broke about 20 percent of the roof boards on the original part of the house. In retrospect, I should have taken them to court for the damages but waited too long. They saw the damage, but had no excuse other than to say that the boards were probably dried out and brittle. (Our neighbours have not experienced this issue with other roofers.)

There were major leaks to the low slope roof of the addition.

The first was associated with the vent along the peak that was replaced as part of the contract. Eventually, they did replace the new vent; however, they initially suggested that a vent was not necessary even though specified in the architectural drawings. Clearly, this was an effort to cut costs.

There were persistent leaks around the joint of the roof with the skylights. The first leak was so bad that I had to place pails under each skylight to save the wooden floor. To their credit, they did visit us on four occasions over a period of four years to address persistent leaks. At one point, they repaired the blisters on the ceiling of the addition and repainted it. However, the problem of blistering has reappeared. A call to the company of a few months ago did not lead anywhere.

The original roof (installed as part of a major addition) never leaked during a period of 15 years so there was no design fault.

On the basis of exceptionally poor workmanship, I would never recommend this company to anyone. If you love your home, avoid these people and select a professional roofer.

Our neighbour used this company to install roofing and eaves troughs and was not too pleased with the work, especially with the troughs.

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