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  Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning, Inc.

Had Toronto Clear View clean the eavestroughs a few years back. Since then I've had them install a gutter protection system which has been working fantastic.

Recently, decided to get the outside windows cleaned. Now wishing I would've had them do the inside as well. The difference is remarkable! I guess it's the combination of having the expertise and the equipment that makes such a difference.

Also appreciated the concern for all of the plants around the house. I realize it's tough to avoid walking on certain things but they did their best to avoid causing damage. I guess it's even the little things that do make a difference when you hire a company that puts them above the others.

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Thanks Joel,
We'd be happy to clean the inside next time. Guaranteed that you WILL notice a difference. The fact is that it is impossible to perfectly clean a window with cloths, paper towels, newspaper, or whatever else people think of. Using products like Windex also won't work well unless a professional high quality squeegee is used, and you won't find THEM at do it yourself type stores.