Vinyl or PVC Fence - Repair in Toronto, ON

Cracks or holes in vinyl fences can typically be repaired with sandpaper, expanding foam and plastic fillers. As the process is tedious and requires all kinds of equipment, we recommend hiring a home service pro to get the job done.

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Published: 02/22/2024
Lotus has done great work for me in the past building an extra parking lot .Now my patio door steps were becoming dangerous and my old dog was struggling using them. One phone call to Lotus on a Friday, in...
Published: 08/16/2023
Alex did a truly top-notch, 10/10 quality job constructing my wood fence. He took great care to build us a fence that looks better than wed have imagined and adds a polish to our property. Our yard had some tricky things...
Published: 07/20/2023
Alex and Tammy created a beautiful custom gate for us which they custom installed to fit and open on our backyard fence posts. Alex also replaced some warped fence boards for us. Alex was very prompt to get...