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Kitchen Renovation

My wife and I hired RCR for a main floor and kitchen renovation. We had a very difficult time working with them. We found them extremely unprofessional and unfair.

While their quoted price was reasonable, they tried to add extra costs often, and became unprofessional and aggressive when we tried to discuss these costs.

RCR demonstrated poor communication throughout the course of the project, and treated us unfairly from demolition day to the end of the project.

We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Ontario.

We would not recommend them.

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Company Response

In response to this customers complaints, RCR had originally signed an agreement with the client to do the following work:

1. Remove an interior wall separating the existing kitchen to dining area and repair area removed

2. Removal of the existing main floor except living room and tile 600sf main floor(kitchen, dining, hall, foyer, powder room, laundry room and front entrance.

3. Add pot lights to main floor hallway and kitchen.

4.install toilet and hook up bathroom vanity sink.

The customer claims Right Choice Renos Inc had completed a main floor and kitchen renovation. The customer had hired another company to build and install their kitchen and laundry room cabinets. They also hired an external painter to paint their house.

The customer had changed and asked for many extras during the initial process verbally and by texting us the changes they would like to have completed. The customer was very difficult to work with and therefore in December 2021, we were going to stop the project. They were very difficult to collect payment deposits from even though we had worked ahead of schedule and had other pieces of the project completed. They had asked to stick to the contract even though the husband had continually asked for more work to be included on text and in person. We had verbally told the customer we were going to paint the house prior to the huge disagreement with them and after not receiving deposit draws on time we told the customer we would not be painting there home as we didn't trust them to pay for the work or extras.

Originally before starting the project the customer was going to install all the appliances and as time went on he asked RCR to install them extra, why would he ask on text if he should move all the appliances inside when our plumber comes if he didn't want us to do the work. We have an invoice from BEE Plumbing and Heating Inc for work that we paid, for work completed which included hooking up all of the customers appliances including washer and dryer which were not part of the contract. We have included many text messages from the customer asking us to do extras outside of the contract that we completed. We take all text messages from our customers as written orders to do additional work. We also have a text message from the ower stating that the flooring we had completed looked great.

We are now asking for payment for all the extras the client asked for and the client is continuing to ignore and place false accusations against our company for work we had completed as per their request as they think that because it was not added into the original contract that they didn't have to pay for these extras they asked for.

Unfortunately, RCR has tried to work things out with this customer and keep things friendly but, as this customer does not want to pay for additional work perfomed on their request they will post negative reviews against our company in order for RCR to back down and not pursue the balance owing. RCR will be seeking legal counsel towards this customer as we have all requests from them in a text message and pictures to prove we had completed all of these Extras as per their request.

It is unfortunate that small businesses do not have any means of defending themselves against online slander from dishonest clients. As you can see from all other reviews from our customers over the years, we are very clean, tidy and respctful to all of our customers and their property. This job was no exception.