Start to Finish Renovations & Plumbing did my bathroom renovation in December 2017. Three and a half months have now passed and the contractor has failed to correct the deficiencies. The contractor installed a pocket door which does not close properly (see photo below) and he has failed to fix it. He also voided the life-time warranty on my sink faucet when he failed to install ALL the manufacturer's parts and substituted other parts, without my knowledge, which included installing a bathtub stopper instead of using the plug that came with the sink . He also failed to install the lift rod that opens and closes the plug and all the parts associated with the lift rod. He also put the wrong size door on the entrance into my bedroom and failed to install casings so that they meet industry standards. Some of the casing are not even attached to the walls in areas and one casing was installed in 3 separate pieces (see photo below). Some of the casings extend past the door frame instead of being installed slightly inside the frame. The grout lines between the tiles in the tub surround area are inconsistent and some of the tiles are installed so that they are not flush with other tiles and stick out. In addition, the new plumbing that the contractor installed leaked and water leaked from my bathroom into my neighbour's unit below me. The contractor actually asked me to finish filling the nail holes and also finish the sanding because he wanted to leave and told me it was his last day on the job. He could have returned to finish this work but did not. This work remains unfinished. I do not recommend this company at all because they do not do quality work and do not listen to a customer's concerns. I feel my concerns were dismissed. I have paid for 100% of the work but this company has failed to correct any of the deficiencies. I feel that I was taken advantage of by this company.

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