We originally needed an adjustment to a shower bench to accommodate a wheelchair user. We were given a great quote for the work, only to discover that we were undercharged for a glass shower door set. Although they honored the quote, we were given a little attitude over their misquote. Prior to commencing, we asked if they were familiar with the Schluter System (waterproofing)....and were told that although they "do not use the Schluter, their work was just as good" and that their work "has never had a leak and is guaranteed 100%". After commencing the contracted work, they discovered that the original installers did not install the system correctly and we decided to replace most of the tile work, plumbing etc in the bathroom to correct the "problem". Immediately after completing the job (almost a whole new bathroom), we had a river in our basement ever time the shower was used....a gushing leak, not a slow drip... After the initial call to Robinson Outfitting, and same day inspection, they chose to caulk the seams of the shower door edge and shower bench seam that was adjusted (both my husband and I showed a hairline crack in the grout where the shower bench was altered by them )Although the river leak stopped, I was concerned that caulking would not hold up to the test of time (bandaid solution). Exactly where my husband and I found the hairline crack, I removed the caulking and the river flowed once more in the basement after having a shower. Once again, a call was made to Robinson Outfitting. This time, they did NOT come to "fix" the problem, rather I was told to contact the company lawyer if I wasn't happy. I would not recommend this company as i find their work ethic and quality of workmanship is not up to par with the renovation needs that we had. I know that many things can go awry in the renovation job, it is the attitude and plain disregard for quality of workmanship (cutting corners ie caulking rather than properly sealing the joint) that put a sour taste in my mouth. NEVER RECOMMENDED

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We needed a window replacement in our older home in a huge way (leaking and drafty....a hairline crack allowed cold air to freeze the butter sitting on the counter!). M&D was recommended by a friend who worked for All Weather Windows. Within days we had a quote sitting on our table for EVERY window. After placing the order, our windows arrived within 6 weeks and then installed within two weeks (we needed to wait for the weather to warm up a bit!)l A final inspection was made within the week of final installation. We are thrilled at the quality of craftsmanship, price, professionalism and of course the material reputation of All Weather Windows. I could only dream that all contractors were this good!

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