We recently finished the basement renovation by Harmony basements. The project started very well. The drawings and permit were done on time. Materials were delivered by stages on time. The materials are good quality and environment friendly. The workers are professional and worked very hard. They would not leave until job was done. Leo is expert in the project management. Every time when he came by to check, he would write down everything that need to be done/fixed in his phone for next stage. When he said he would send worker to do the job at certain time, they will come . The framing and insulations are well done. They put an extra layer of insulation around furnace room so that all the rooms are quite and noise-free. Right before Christmas, we got a fully finished beautiful basement with a beautiful custom made shower/bathroom, fireplace (which is done exactly what we wanted), all the rooms are quite/warm/bright/healthy, flooring are warm and beautiful. All the jobs are done by Markham city's building code and all are passed the inspection. Thank you Leo to put so much effort.

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Company Response

Dear Li,

Thank you for your review.

Everything timing wise went very well with your quality build. At Harmony we always do everything to municipalities codes which ensures our clients a high quality build. Not only electrical is inspected but also HVAC, plumbing, insulation and framing to comply current building codes.

We are happy that you are very pleased with your Harmony Basement Li. Thank you for your feedback on our build & experience.

Yours truly,

Lawrence A. | Regional Sales Manager
Harmony Basements Corp.