Crazy Joe is a throwback. He cares about his customers on a level you just don't find anymore. From the very first phone call, he was trying to save me money and was actually happy to have my business, while several others just ignored my calls or showed little interest because the job was too small (one large living room window). I was only able to get one other company to come out and give me a quote, and Joe beat it by a significant margin. Naturally, I started to wonder what kind of install I was going to get at a bargain price. But Angelo (the installer) was very professional and didn't take any shortcuts. He even helped get my old blinds out to the garbage afterwards. He was finished in an hour (if that) and didn't leave any trash behind. The only downside to dealing with Joe is that he doesn't do free quotes (or he wouldn't do one for me, anyway). He did a rough quote over the phone and asked that I pay upfront before he sent someone out to do actual measurements. I really didn't want to pay before the work was done and was worried that the rough quote would increase at some point, but I took a leap of faith and was rewarded. Joe stuck to his price and everything worked out beautifully in the end. Joe will be getting all of my blinds-related business going forward. And I will be recommending him to any friends and/or family I can. I have complete faith he will treat them all as well as he treated me.

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