After visiting the showroom and ordering our cabinets the WRONG cabinets were delivered. I was at work and the cabinet installer started the job. I called and they gave me a discount on the WRONG cabinets. The Wine Rack and Wine Glass Holder were delivered cracked and broken. I called and they said they would send another set out. I waited two weeks and nothing. I called and only the Wine Rack was on order they didn't order the Wine Glass Holder. This meant further delays for our project and more money out of my pocket. Every delivery that was made was wrong or contained damaged products. Not all the items we ordered and paid for were delivered. It was a part-time job dealing with Closeout Cabinets and Interstock Cabinets. I had to send them Emails and call them to let them know we were missing cabinet parts, garage cans, soap dishes etc. I am still waiting for my kitchen to get completed. I have no faith that the next delivery will be made properly. I would not recommend using Interstock Cabinets and Closeout Cabinets to a friend. Thanks, Mike

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