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Hello, I have just built an addition, extension and a second floor on my house ( from bungalow to a 2 floors home)... I was trying to get separate contractors for separate trades .....when it came to roofing, siding, soffit fascia and eavestroughs, it was hard to coordinate all the above so I decided to try and find one contractor that will do them all and be there while it's done so yes .... I got this guy's number from my framing contractor and gave him a call .... It worked out fine, even with some delays on the part of the other trades Dany has managed the whole project pretty good ..... not bad for a 2 people crew. Long story short has been a pleasure so far and I hope your future is bright and promising. PS - When it comes to price ..... Well not bad either ( Not The cheapest thou!)

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Hello, apologies for the long delay in my response!,... I just wanted to thank you for the review and let you know that I truly appreciate you taking the time to write it.

Thank you .... Daniel C. Feldman