A technician came to the house to fix the furnace and he was right I needed a new motor and fan blower. My original comment doubted his assessment but now it turns out it is exactly what needed to be done.

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Company Response

Hello Phil, We're sorry to hear that. We did investigate this matter and we tried calling you to discuss but we couldn't get you on the phone. Here's our findings: While performing diagnose on the furnace, on test mode unit fired first then shuts off, tested again failed again during first and second trial the flame was lazy, one of the reason is poor draft, as per inspection the induced draft motor bearing sounded loud noise, and draft pressure was low at the moment. Removed the motor and carefully inspected to see if the impeller broken,, no sign of broken impeller, showed the customer where noise was coming from. Advised customer that we recommend to replace motor to prevent unit shutting off in the future. We were offering a long term solution for your problem, if you run into this issue again, please check the induced draft motor. Thank you for your feedback and we hope everything works out well for you.