We purchased a Manhattan hot tub from Recreational Warehouse (International Pool and Spa) in 2006. I was very impressed with the quality of the hot tub and the service we received. They offered us a class to attend to show us how to take care of the tub not just externally but also how to maintain the water chemicals and what to use and when. We did our homework with the various competitors and were really happy with what we saw with this tub. It has been a great purchase, and for the very few times it seemed like something was wrong the service team have been very quick to address and rectify the situation.

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What a great company. Wing Hing came in and provided a quote that was about 1/2 of what the competition was. They offered the exact same product and had excellent workmanship and a fraction of the cost. They were in and out in one day and did a great job. They surrounded my home with tarp and made sure there was nothing left hanging aroung including nails that could end up in my car's tires. Great job, great workmanship, and very quick!

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If you have work for this contractor, I suggest looking for someone else instead. He screens his calls, and if you have a problem he will not call you back, he is not interested in fixing problems even though they are his problems. Vic installed a sump pump for me because I have issues with excess water and flooding. the sump pump is not working, he said he would come and fix it, the next day, I am still waiting almost 3 weeks later and no phone call from him. I DO NOT recommend this contractor. Find another contractor who is worth your time and money because this one is not.

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