Called to fix stove and drier. The guy unscrew all he could to get to the control panel of the stove. Could not put all back - used screws in wrong places. With the dryer - did not open it, just told that the whole heating unit has to be changed including housing and quoted about $400. In fact, the only thing that had to be done - to change thermistor (about half an hour work and $10 cost for the part) We paid the guy service call fee and don't want them back Will not recommend this company.

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We found this company as a reference from Enersource. The guy came a little late and told us that the blower motor is gone. He quoted us that it will cost us $45o. When the guy took out the motor, he told us that it is more powerful motor than he thought and he added another $30. While he replaced the motor, I looked on the internet for the prices - and the retail value of this thing is about $90-120US. Their hourly rate is $80 and it took about 1 hr to identify the problem and do repairs. They also charge 1 hr travel time. So, I told the guy that the price does not look fair ( $480 + GST = about $510). He called his boss and they redused it to total $467 - still too high I think.

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We moved from Mississauga to Brampton in August 2006. Very good service - showed up on time, worked accurately and efficiently, no damage done. Track was big enough and well equiped. Would recommend them to use. Estimated price was on a higher side, but they managed to do all the job faster and we ended up paying less than was estimated.

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