This estimated that the roof will be around 2,600. He asked for $500 deposite. On the day he came to work, they said the estimation is wrong. He has to be around 4,000. Then I wanted to not proceed with the work. I asked for deposite back. Then he offered to give me 15% off. It was in September 2008. Then I agreed to proceed work. When they tear the roof down, I was told that we need to change the wood as well. The total comes out as almost $6000. During the whole process, the owner of the company is rude and always ask for money. Since I need an invoice, extra GST was added. When they completed the work, they never give us invoice. We called many times, and was told they will mail to us. They never did. Several times, he said the account is not that and we have to ask the accountant. up to day, we never got our invoice. The worst part is every time when it rains, the water comes through chimney and goes down to our basement like flood. The guy comes two times to fix but it still leaks.

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