During house inspection Francesco hard sells saying "Don't believe quotes on phone coz they always overcharge" after I told him will have to think it over. Didn't do research with other companies due to time constraint and went with them anyway. - Charged $150 to pick up few stuff in storage along the way - 2 of his staff used my bathroom and pooped without permission and kept complaining about the stairs - My Dining table made of glass was smashed inside their truck after the mattress fell on it - Told Francesco glass dining table cost me $500 and he offered to pay $50, he negotiated until his final price for the table was $150 - He kept on yelling his staff inside the truck even if neighborhood can hear their conversation - No receipt or insurance whatsoever from them for their moving service and for breaking the glass dining table - They dented and scratched wall and paint came off for carrying the couch Now you be the judge if they are the movers you want. They move fast bringing and moving stuff but they are not very careful with your stuff. Hope this review helps other people before considering them.

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Company Response

Dear Wilson,
I’m so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. These where truly not our intentions. I hope you give us a second chance to make it right! I would like to go over some of your points here. We charged a fee of $125 not $150 to go ahead and make a stop at a storage facility to pick up a few other belongings that you had. A price that we both strongly agreed on. The dining table was an unfortunate event and we took full responsibility for it. We discussed the issue together and both agreed on a fair price to replace your second-hand dining table. As far as my employees using your washroom, my apologies if they did not ask for permission but it is a bit personal to prod cast out loud. That’s what washrooms are for after all. Sometimes our employees have to speak a little louder especially when inside the truck. Due to the length of the truck it makes it hard to hear someone standing outside of the truck. When you asked my employees if they could move the sofa from upstairs to basement they made sure to let you know beforehand that touching the wall was a risk and they did not recommend it. The sofa was indeed too big to fit through the doorway. Wilson, you insisted they go ahead with it anyway. In the end the sofa ended up back on the main floor after you realized it was indeed too big. As far as the receipt we have send it to the email you provided. Aleks Moving is also 100% insured.
I do hope you don’t judge the entire company by this one experience. Our goal is to leave our customers as satisfied as possible as they begin a new chapter in their new home. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any other questions or comments, or if there is anything we can do to help remedy your experience.