I am surprized by the very bad reviews here. Although I wasn't happy with the price of the project, the work was done and I was happy with the company. These guys were very hard working and tried their best to solve the sink plumbing issue I was having at the house.

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I called several companies for an estimate to do my driveway, walkway and backyard interlocking. I bought my house 12 years ago and it needed major renovation but I was too hesitant. Azad Paving happened to work for my neighbour and did a great job so I got an estimate and I was happy with the price. They did great work, very punctual and hardworking. They have the right tools and they'll go the extra mile to ensure the work is done properly. Very happy with the driveway interlocking as we have several cars constantly driving on it back and forth. Very professional and caring about the project. I am happy I made the right choice by hiring them. I would recommend them for sure.

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Very good company and did what they promised. Happy with the outcome. I had wished I spent less but given the result I am not gonna complain. Good work. Very punctual and there weren't any last minute changes to the plans like it sometimes happens with other companies.

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