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The company sent 18 year old apprentices, without equipment to get the job done. They made a huge mess in the house digging the sump pit, cut the barrel in half to install it, didn't attach the weeping tile to the sump properly etc. The result was my plumber had to come and redig the pit, remove the debris that they left inside and out, fix the weeping tile connection they were suposed to do, replace the sump pit that they destroyed by cutting in half and basically redo the inside job they were supposed to do. In the end I refused to pay and deducted the cost of my plumber from the initial quote. His excuse was that they usually only do new construction weeping tile installs and he was doing me a favour - I say if you don't have the skill don't take on the job Jackass - you aren't doing me a favour by doing crap work!!

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