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We had flooding in our basement, we were told by our plumbler that it was like our weeping tile was not working. So I called a few places ans got a few quotes. Abalon was the only one who said lets start with digging a hole here and see what is going on first before we start digging the whole the house and replacing this and that. So we dug a hole outside and discovered the weeping tile was not even connected after years of shifting this way and that way up and down.It had coming detached. they also dug a smaller hole inside where there was wet concert(this baffled him), within hours of digging this hole water had filled it and was threating to spill over it was friday morning when I called Randy and he had a guy to our house as fast as he could and put in a pump to suck out the water. we all decided the water was coming from kitch drain so we dug a bigger hole and yes that was it. so he called his plumber in to fix it and the pipe was continuing to crumble and we had to keep making the whole bigger before the plumber found solid pipe to work with. so we figured our troubles were over and Randy called someone else in to clean the lines. Are you sitting down, while the guys were cleaning the line the rest of the pipe crumbled away. we couldn't believe it. Randy came to look and proclaimed he has never seen pipe this bad the dirt and everything trapped in the line was all that was holding it together. He said enough of this and the said we are going above ground and closed off the line and we had a new line the next day. Randy and guys were awesome. and what started off as a little digging of a hole became a lot bigger. but they fixed it. and I am greatfull to them for the work and saving us a lot of money, when someone else was just going to replace the tile and not even look for the problem. Thanks Abalon

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