I had Harmony work on my basement from Oct until Dec 2017. I had to leave my house for work each day but my wife was at home and she said their crew was always courteous and respectful. That was very important to me. I was impressed with their "foundation guy" who was able to identify and repair several minor leaks that I knew had previously existed in the basement walls. They were vertical cracks that went full length from top to bottom. They fixed it by drilling into the cracks from inside the foundation and injecting urethane (I think that's what they used) under pressure. Outside of the house in the areas exposed above ground I can see the hardened filler as it was forced through the hairline cracks until it reached the outside wall. I can see it so I feel confident it was done right. I had an unfinished cold room that they were able to convert into livable space by bringing in electricity and HVAC. Before going with Harmony I had other basement companies look at it. Many were reluctant to get involved with the cold room because of existing water leakage. Our salesperson Diego had zero hesitation and was confident it could be fixed & converted. I opted to use spray foam insulation throughout the basement and am so glad I did. After running the furnace for only 20 minutes the basement crew would ask us to turn it off. They couldn’t take the heat. A huge difference from before! I’ve since had to close many of the basement registers as it gets hot quickly. I love it! I found their tradespeople enjoy their work and take pride in it. A few times when I was home in the evening I had one of their workers wanting to show me their work. The tile guy in particular was extremely proud and rightfully so. About half way through the project we met with Sasha at their showroom to pick our tiles, flooring, bathroom vanity, etc. It was a fun and easy day with no rush or pressure to get things done. Over the course of the project we did notice a few miscommunications between Harmony and their workers and between Harmony and ourselves. To be honest I found some of the issues frustrating and stressful at the time. Leo our project manager was always reachable by phone and was willing to set things right. Even without being called he would drop by and do inspections with my wife. A few times he met with me in the evening to inspect together. I really appreciated that. In some cases it was Leo pointing out an imperfection to me that would later disappear. I liked his drive and appreciated that he was easy to get along with. I made a few changes as things went along. I think the biggest change was that I decided to replace the basement windows after the drywall had been finished. Leo took the surprise calmly and said he would get his window guy to meet with me to see what could be done. The window guy said he would have preferred to work on the windows before the drywall and framing was completed but said he could still do it without damage. It took 2 weeks for the new windows to arrive. He and his partner spent a whole day ripping out the old glass & window frames and installing new ones. It was more work than I thought it would be. I was expecting a lot of mess and scratches but I really have to give credit here. They exceeded my expectations. Another example was a pot light that I decided to put in the shower after the electrical and drywall was complete. Leo explained the electrician would have to cut a few holes in the drywall to fish wires. I was really nervous about the holes but after they installed the light and patched the holes I can’t see any imperfection. The dry wall guy who did this is a magician. They took their time and did it right. The end result is that I felt they did a great job. My basement was completely unfinished when they started. I now have a laundry room, utility room, a bathroom and a converted cold room. I don't know if it's standard issue but in my case they used a glass shower enclosure that is a thing of beauty. Well done Harmony Basements.

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Company Response

Dear Shaner,

Thank you for your 9/10 review.

Your basement was a more complex build than usual & we were more than happy to "Fix" all the issues that you had. As you mentioned Diego was more than willing and able to correct the problems in your "Cold Room". Like you mentioned all of the other basement contractors would not even attempt to fix your cold room leaking, yet alone make it into a beautiful functioning space with fully finished walls, Floors and Lighting.

Because we only use the highest quality materials we were able to "Fix all these issues" you were experiencing. Our extensive experience in renovating basements allows us to solve and offer solutions to fix your basement correctly. The type of spray foam we implement is a very high quality product, it yields excellent insulation results substantially above code requirements.

In the end we always make sure our customers are completely happy with their Harmony Basement build. We are very pleased that you are happy with the end result Shaner.

Best Regards,

Lawrence A. | Regional Sales Manager
Harmony Basements Corp.