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Simply a bad choice of companies. They were always late, left a huge mess, their people were rude and they did a bad job. Can't imaging how they're still in business.

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The quality of the work was not great. In tiling my shower they did not take care to cut all the tiles cleanly, and surfaces that should be flat and level are not. However, that they were constantly late and they didn't care to clean after themselves and walked all over my carpets with filthy work boots is more than enough for me to not recommend these guys to anyone. They were at least an hour late each day, once 3.5 hours late, and hour long lunch breaks stretched into 2 hours away from the job without any explanation. Not good when you took time off work to be around for the renovations. Multiple people came in for different jobs and some were courteous enough, but one team of two guys left a mess that required 45 minutes to clean up (in a small bathroom!) and I now have to shampoo the carpets after all the dirt that they tracked through - there was plastic on the ground, but in rolling it up they weren't careful and it all fell out, and they rolled it up while following behind in boots covered in wet concrete and tile dust! Also in bringing in drywall they damaged my newly-painted walls. The extra financial cost from waiting around for these guys, time to clean, fix the paint and drywall, etc. are way beyond what I would expect from a responsible contractor. Compounding the problem was that when explaining these problems on the phone to the head office I was treated rudely then brushed off. Bottom line: these guys did poor work and they utterly failed at customer service. I hate to be a complainer, but I've worked with a lot of contractors, and I really think this needs to be addressed.

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