In Dec 2009, me and my wife began the process of building an addition and a full second story to my small house. Before we met Mike Glynn, the GC brought his crew to build the block foundation. The result was disappointing. That is when I started looking for a bricklayer to tackle laying about 10,000 bricks. We found Mike and he did a great job! It is unfortunate that we did not meet him at the beginning of our project! We are esecially happy how he matched the new bricks with the old bricks. He was very professional and executed on everything that he said and within the timeframe that he said. He and his crew were at the job site every morning and put in a full days work. He went beyond just laying bricks. Mike helped us design the look of the front part of the house as well as address some issues that the GC left us with. In a nutshell, if we had to build another house, we would call Mike Glynn.

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