Steven is a really nice person to deal with. He's professional and works very efficiently. He has helped me to fix a few electronic wiring problems at my place. He's really the life-saver whenever we encounter such problems. We highly recommend him to whoever encounter electronic wiring problems. We are also considering asking him to change the lightenings for our new house that we purchased at the end of last year. My wife and I moved into a town-house two years ago The electronic wires are old and I believe the previous landlord set up some of the wires by his own. It caused some issues. e.g. the lights on the hall way of the second floor should be turned on by either switches on the second floor or first floor. However, it can only be turned on when both of the switches on the first and second floors are on. If the switch on the first floor is off, the lights on the second floor can never be turned on. Steven came by and fixed the problem in 10 mins (it took me a few hours before he came by to help). He also helped us with AC power-off issue this summer. It was the hottest weekend of the summer and the AC stopped to work. We first thought the machine is not working properly. We then asked the AC maintenance guy to stop by. We paid him the flat rate for checking the machine, but he just told us the machine is fine. There is nothing he can do and he asked us to find an electronic guy to take a look. Again, Steven shows up and helped us to fix the issue in 10 mins. I just wish I had asked Steven earlier. It would save me both time and money.

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Thank you wei, hope you enjoy your new house