I just wanted to share my experience with ARTE Roofing. ARTE’s people were very nice. They understood the work well and carried out the repairs in business line manner. I am completely satisfied with the work they did. I have a minor suggestion, though. There were metallic nails strewn in the area around the house on the lawn. They were not visible to naked eyes. So, I had to insist that a magnetic sweep be used to catch all the nails. I had to pursue for this, but eventually it was done to my satisfaction. It should not have been anything that a customer should suggest, but should have come from ARTE Roofing themselves. The fact that they ask me how my experience was, is the reason I decided to put this review here. Thank you to the whole team for your knowledge and service. Your customer relation is refreshing to see. I haven't received this kind of service in a long time. I respect your company values and you need to better customer's experience. Thank you, Kumar

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Company Response

Hi Kumar,

Thank you so much for giving ARTE Roofing a 9- star rating.It's great to hear that your experience with out trades and office employees was wonderful. we appreciate your candid feedback about clean up, we are working very hard to insure this doesn't become an issue in the future.
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you and your family and friends.