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Hired to do a purchase plus improvements double bathroom gut and remodel on my newly purchases raised bungalow in 2017. My tub was meant to be placed in an alcove and tiled around. they left a 1 inch gap around the edge of tub. Yes it was tiled but the way it caused the water to collect led to a waterfall in the new basement bathroom with in months, soaking the new ceiling dry wall! They came back twice to "fix" it, it is STILL leaking into the basement if we don't jimmy-rig a temporary solution. Now today we found ANOTHER leak in the basement bathroom. Apparently the pipes weren't insulated properly and now the water is leaking from around she shower pipes in THAT bathroom. Would NEVER recommend Alair to anyone! I can't even get a hold of someone to come address these issues now. I feel like a lot of these thigns would not have happened if I was building a million dollar house instead of being a first time homebuyer renovating in a low income neighbourhood of Hamilton.

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Company Response

Dear Bonnita,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with another contractor unrelated to Alair Homes. Alair Homes has never worked with you for this or any other project and certainly would not conduct ourselves in such an unprofessional manner.

Please make every effort to correct this review so that is does not reflect incorrectly on our company. If you would like me to come by and have a look to see if I can help, please feel free to contact me directly at the Alair Homes office.

Thank you,

Roger Prenevost