I'm a satisfied and happy customer of Mr. King's Junk Removal Services. I recently had the opportunity to use their services and was very impressed with the job. I highly recommend their services and will for sure use them again.

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I've been dealing with Bigelow Heating now for over 8 years, and unfortunately little things have been building up to their overall service not being acceptable. They replaced our boiler furnace less than 5 years ago (it was not cheap), and just recently noticed that the main pipe that connects to the unit was completely rusted with a slow leak starting. This main pipe was also replaced with a new one when the furnace was changed. They serviced the unit for the yearly cleaning less than a month ago and never even bothered mentioning the rusted pipe. Decided to consult with a plumber and he said that the problem had to do with the connection of a copper pipe with a steel pipe...a big no, no! Stupidly we still went ahead with Bigelow Heating to make the corrections, which was a steep $411 to do it. Also they left the place a complete mess when draining the boiler. We are not happy at all!!!

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We are very happy with the job done! A big house with 2 and half stories where practically each room was painted a different colour. There were also many holes that needed patching-up, and trimmings like baseboards, door frames, doors and steps that had to be painted. The end result exceeded our expectation. A totally new house from the inside! We love it!

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