Now, I'm selling my condo and buying a house. The buyer of my condo hired his inspector for the condo and I hired Dean Kazoleas as my inspector for the house. So I could compare both and finally I recognized how Dean did great job. The other inspector just checked appliance and something else quickly but Dean checked all structural issues, drainage issues, electric devices, power outlet, roof, inside and outside wall, insulation, caulking, safety hazard issues, potential issues, and everything should I know. So I could find out the actual roof ages are longer than advertised, the insulation is insufficient, the power outlet has mis wiring, a water tank need to wiring to prevent fell down in case of earthquake, electric breaker need to be upgrade, and so on. Then I can reduce the price from offered price base on his inspection report. Furthermore, he kindly explain so much detailed about what he found and he gave me so many helpful advice to cover the issues if I need to take care of it by myself. He is a really greatest inspector than I expected and his knowledge is so reliable and his advice is so much helpful. I really appreciate for his professional and reliable service. Thank you so much, Dean.

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