After not being pleased with the results of the warranty call I called the office to express my concerns. We called to get a service call to have the tub serviced and to make sure the pump isn't lagging due to the jets not providing the pressure they have been. We purchased the tub not even a year ago. Firstly, the service person arrives at 7pm at night. Hmmm, in January, what can you see at 7pm at night. Not to mention, didn't even have the correct tools to open the side of the tub. It was very cold out to boot. (we provided the appropriate tool). Finally he opens the side of the tub and takes a look, turns on the jets, and says everything is fine with the size of pump we have, which is 5hp. That was the extent of the warranty call. Gee, I could have done that, open the side and look at the pump, turn on the jets and say everything is fine. Then be happy and collect the service fee plus mileage. I really think the people who own the tub should know if their tub is in good working order or not, considering they are the ones that use it the most. The warranty person says there is nothing wrong with the pump/jets for the size of the pump it is. Well we know the tub had more pressure coming out of the jets than what they do now (which would indicate an issue with the pump and or the jets, I would think but I could be mistaken seeing I am not a tub tech). We certainly can not seat 4 ppl in our tub, let alone 6, which is what it is rated for, and have good jet pressure. We have to turn half of the jets off to get good pressure for just the two of us. When we first got the tub and for a long time after, the jets would put out a strong pressure that we would turn them down because they were to hard to sit and take the pressure on your back/legs etc. Now we have to turn pressure to one half of the tub to get decent pressure and still not to where it was approx 4 months ago. The individual at the office of Dynasty Spas Red Deer, was rude and very abrupt. She asks you questions and then blatantly interrupts and doesn't listen to what you are saying. Then calls the service guy and listens to his story (which is fair)then calls me back and tells me what I already know, what the service guy had said. They do not offer any other suggestions except say, "there is nothing we can do" and "what else would you like us to do". Really I would like to see an effort put forth to see if anything could be going wrong. Like examining the pump and jets, and how about saving the call until you can take a better look, like in daylight. That might help. I will definitely never, never, never recommend Dynasty Spas to anyone and the individual who answers the phone in Red Deer should find another career because customer service definitely isn't her thing. This has to be one of the worse customer service experiences I have had. Its funny because after I purchased the tub, I heard lots of not so good things about these people. What can you do after you purchase eh? I guess it's called live and learn. Well I can tell you I have learnt a valuable lesson here, do extensive research on the companies you want to buy high ticket items from. Hope no one else goes through this ignorance like I have.

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Do a service call when they can actually see something and at least make it look like and effort is put in to care about your concerns. Hire people who are genuinely customer service oriented.
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Research all tub retailers and look at all the reviews before they buy.
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