James at Canspec Building Services performed our house inspection for us. He was accommodating with the appointment and professional upon arrival. He helped us identify important factors and provided a thorough report for future reference. Once we moved into our house, we could not find a water shut-off valve to turn on our hose in the backyard. We moved into our house during a hot summer without air conditioning and we wanted to be able to fill our kids' pool for them. I called James hoping he could help us to find this valve that was nowhere to be found. James was so kind and helpful when we called him. He walked us through on the phone as we tried to locate it but were unsuccessful. He offered to drop by on his way to an inspection the next day however, I slept through his knocking! I was so disappointed that I slept while he was at my door. I called him right away where he again tried to help me find the valve while on the phone. We were not able to find it so he offered to come back on his way home from another inspection. James came later that day and found the valve and helped me to get our hose working. Thank goodness! James was so nice and patient, as well would not accept payment for the service. I would strongly recommend James and Canpec Building Services to anyone. He and they are top performers who care about you even after you are in your home. Thank you James!!! My kids are now able to keep cool during these hot temperatures!

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