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Amcor Roofing is a company that I would never ever recommend anyone use. We signed with the company then our liaison quit, No one took over for him so I was left trying to deal with the company myself. Our job got bumped a couple of times. When they finally got to installing the new rubber shingles it was -15 - -20 0C with lots of snow. The roofer they contracted did a horrible job. He left shingles off of the peak, he installed venting incorrectly, and his nail gun kept freezing up (his nails didn't shoot all the way in). It has now been close to a year and the company hasn't fixed the roof. When you call Amcor they tell you any thing they can to postpone fixing the roof. If you talk to someone at Amcor and they tell you they will call you back don't expect to ever hear back from Amcor. This has been the worst renovation experience I have ever had to deal with and would not recommend this company to anyone.

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