We went into Fitz because it's close to where we live. I found some flooring that I liked and was quoted a price of 9.10$/sq ft. we came back the following weekend and when it came time to pay, the price suddenly became 16$/sq ft. I found that incredibly shady. So they recommended an alternative that was cheaper but not really what i wanted by we just got it because we needed it soon. We were told 4-6 weeks. It's been week 9 and we're still waiting. While we were in the store, we were also interested in some tiles. At the store we were told it'd be a total of 250 $. However, when they sent us the invoice, the price went up to 600 $. They are unbelievably shady. At stated above, we are still waiting for our hardwood flooring. After repeated phone calls with either no answers or just a dismissive "yeah it'll be another 7-10 days", we finally just threatened to cancel our order. They said that they can't cancel them if they've been shipped from the warehouse... but they can't confirm whether it's been shipped or not. Apparently my order is too "small" for them to track... after this experience, I will never ever deal with this company again. Our contractor has told us they have a bad reputation and that a lot of them try and avoid them as well. Would not recommend.

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