I paid almost $1,000 to have one of their technicians supposedly "rat proof" my entire house, back in 2013. It looked good initially, and seemed to stop all the rats from coming in my house for about a year. All of a sudden there was the dead rodent smell in my basement again, and I was very upset about this. I called AAA wildlife and they promptly came to my house to inspect. I said that you need to find that rat and get it out of the ceiling now. They refused to do so. I had to cut holes in my brand new basement suite ceiling, and find it myself, which I did. The technician stated that the first technician didn't finish the job properly, and that he would have to charge me $100 / hour to finish the job, which consisted of installing mesh under the porch, and around the rest of the house. I said that your guarantee should cover the work, and he said that only the partial work that the initial technician completed would be covered. So, about 2 weeks ago now, I smelled the familiar dead rodent smell again, and it was again inside the ceiling of my brand new basement suite which I paid a lot of money for. I have tried for days to get it out, but its lodged so far inside the ceiling, that I can't. UPDATE: They came to my house today, and actually found the problem. There was 2 more holes under an addition on the back of our house. They patched the holes and removed the dead rat. Very impressed with the quick response. It would have been better to do that in the first place, but at least our house is 100% secure now. Thanks AAA for the quick response. I am very relieved, now that it was taken care of. They also never charged any extra for that.

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Company Response

Hello Chris,
I appreciate the opportunity we had to revisit your home and take a fresh look. I sincerely hope you are happy now. We had no idea you were so unhappy since 2014. We are extremely pleased in our success, in not only sourcing out the hidden rat entry under your addition but also finding the deceased rat. A great ending.

I am delighted that you felt happy enough to upgrade your rating of us from 0 to 9 STARS!

In the end, I believe you witnessed and agreed, that the problem was not a lack of putting more screen around your house, but in conclusion, a finished deck, enclosing an addition, under which there existed 2 drilled holes thru the foundation left by the builders. Never to be found without taking apart the deck and belly crawling under the addition. More effort and diagnosing than usually required in an average rat proofing project.
We DO HAVE the experience and the determination to solve these mysteries, but it typically costs more than the average to get to the bottom of.

Thank you again.

Due to no further rat issues, I hope you never need to call again, but you have our number. Randy Celinski, Owner / President