My computer was hacked into by people claiming to be VISA. They took over the use of my computer using a program called Teamviewer. They went into my online banking and transferred money from one account to another. They entered their own password and I was no longer able to use my computer. I called the police and Chris' company was one of the ones that they highly recommended. Since he was able to come that same day I used his service. It was not an easy task since he had to figure out how to enter my computer due to this unknown password. He had to come back the next day with some additional information but he did not charge me for the extra time. He was polite, well mannered and a pleasure to work with. My job was not an easy fix but he persevered and finally was able to get my computer back up and running. I was so grateful to him. I would highly recommend his company and I would certainly call Chris if I experienced any other problems in the future.

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Company Response

Thanks for writing this review, Roz. It rather warmed my heart to read. I was so happy to be able to help you out, and I'm glad you were pleased. -Chris