I called 3.5 weeks ahead of my move and booked a 4 man crew to start my move at 11:00 AM on the scheduled day. I then called them the day before and confirmed the start time of the move at 11:00 AM. The day of the move, they showed up 3.5 hours late. They showed up with 3 guys instead of 4. What should have taken 4 hours to move took 8.5 hours. One of the crew members reeked so bad of booze I couldn't even stand beside him. He didn't even have a pair of gloves and he was obviously so incapable of working that even his crew leader was exasperated with him near the end of the move. While everything got moved with only very slight damages, my schedule was destroyed for the rest of the move. These guys worked hard until 10:30 at night, but were so inexperienced, not professional, short a man, then STILL charged me an arm and a leg AND ASKED FOR A TIP, that I would simply recommend hiring one of the better known companies who may charge a bit more of an hourly rate but would likely do a MUCH more professional job.

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